Saturday, April 7, 2012

Anonymous IRL: What Felice Fawn Really Thinks About Deumos, Modeling, and Thinspo

I have recently received a series of emails from someone who claims to know Lauren in real life. As this person is anonymous, I have no "real" way of verifying for the purposes of this blog if what they say is true, as this person very much wishes to remain anonymous and I want to protect their identity as well. However, I am personally inclined to believe them because there are several specific details this person shared that correspond with details I've observed from other IRL accounts involving Lauren, and I also did not find any major inconsistencies or anything that sounded like it came from an outsider's perspective. And, frankly, reading through these emails struck a chord with me and left with me a sinking feeling that I just don't get from reading mere gossip. For what it's worth, I believe that this anon is being honest. But, as always, use your own judgment.

I would also like to point out that this is not solid evidence. This is merely a written account from someone who claims that they have been friends with Lauren for quite some time. It's not my aim to present this as indisputable fact-as I said above, use your own judgment. Do not let my own personal opinion sway you either way.

(Note: These emails were written by the anon using intentional spelling, grammatical and punctuation mistakes as well as an odd speech pattern to further shield their identity.)

I also asked this person what they thought about Lauren's most recent blog post, "A Response to Weight Critics":

To be continued...