Saturday, April 7, 2012

Anonymous IRL: What Felice Fawn Really Thinks About Deumos, Modeling, and Thinspo

I have recently received a series of emails from someone who claims to know Lauren in real life. As this person is anonymous, I have no "real" way of verifying for the purposes of this blog if what they say is true, as this person very much wishes to remain anonymous and I want to protect their identity as well. However, I am personally inclined to believe them because there are several specific details this person shared that correspond with details I've observed from other IRL accounts involving Lauren, and I also did not find any major inconsistencies or anything that sounded like it came from an outsider's perspective. And, frankly, reading through these emails struck a chord with me and left with me a sinking feeling that I just don't get from reading mere gossip. For what it's worth, I believe that this anon is being honest. But, as always, use your own judgment.

I would also like to point out that this is not solid evidence. This is merely a written account from someone who claims that they have been friends with Lauren for quite some time. It's not my aim to present this as indisputable fact-as I said above, use your own judgment. Do not let my own personal opinion sway you either way.

(Note: These emails were written by the anon using intentional spelling, grammatical and punctuation mistakes as well as an odd speech pattern to further shield their identity.)

I also asked this person what they thought about Lauren's most recent blog post, "A Response to Weight Critics":

To be continued...

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Felice Fawn Makeup Video: An Exercise in Futility (and Vanity)

Leanin' like a Satanic chola

Lauren decided she'd finally had enough of the plebeians in her Stickam chats continually asking her to do a makeup video on her "daily routine"... even though 98% of her Stickam sessions consist of her applying more makeup over her makeup, like so:

So, she deigned to create and upload a nearly 14 minute long video of herself applying her "usual face". In this video, not only does she not explain anything she does, but she doesn't even bother to list any of the products she used. But that's not why this video is getting so much criticism.

She posted the makeup video on her blog, along with the claim that she wasn't wearing any makeup at the beginning of the video "except for tinted moisturizer".

Let's start with a screenshot of 2 seconds into the video, where she allegedly is wearing only the aforementioned tinted moisturizer.

Something not look right? Let's have a closer look.

No makeup, eh Lauren? Sure looks like eyeliner to me! And apparently everyone else with functioning eyes.

Here's another screenshot about 30 seconds in where she "starts" applying powder, and although she has not started doing eye makeup on video yet, her lower lid and inner corners are visibly lined.

Aside from the fact that she clearly started the video already wearing foundation... no one's eyes are naturally lined in black like that. Her viewers instantly noticed (how could anyone not, though?) and started commenting on it. She completely denied (and continues to deny) it:

A few lonely Felice stans tried to defend her, which she naturally ate up and continued to insist she was not wearing any makeup except for "tinted moisturizer" at the beginning of the video while deleting the comments that questioned this claim.

And then there's this shining beacon of intelligence:

I'm not sure who is more irritating: the intellectually-challenged fans who blindly accept everything she does and defend her no matter what, or Lauren herself for behaving like a proud, delusional child while lying about something quite trivial.

The comments questioning Lauren continued to pour in as she tried to keep up by deleting and gushing over her twisted idea that these comments were somehow meant as compliments. Notice how she slips up on her lie (accidentally'd her whole lie?) that she wasn't wearing any eye makeup at the beginning of the video, but admits she was wearing mascara in the comments below.

The video was posted to efagz, where it was further analyzed and, of course, debunked. Not long after she posted the video, comments like this started appearing in droves and were popping up at the top of the comment page due to so many efagz members positively rating them (hilarious, IMO):

This caused Lauren to go on a typically Felice-like deleting/banning spree, and also for the rating of the video to go down drastically (lulz).

She ended up disabling ratings due to the rapid decline of her positive rating. From efagz as well as Youtube:

But she insisted (and apparently still is in the Youtube comments!) that she still wasn't wearing eye makeup at the start.

Someone tried to make an excuse for her, and she decided "Yeah, sounds good, I'll just go with that."

Enjoy some screen caps of Lauren's informative replies to makeup inquiries and clear, helpful angles that show us all what she is actually doing.

It seems she didn't want us to actually SEE her working her mascara magic on her eyelashes. After finishing her eyeshadow (which seemed to take some time just to pick up any pigment onto her brush), finishing her liner and hastily applying a little mascara to her upper lashes, she stares at the camera for a moment, then turns to look for something. Take note of the time in the lower left corner in the 3rd image down.

BAM! Instant spider legs at 9:55, two seconds later!

HA! While we're correcting others, Lauren...

Just thought you should know that "technically" it's moisturizer. Or even moisturiser, since you're in the UK. ;)

Why wouldn't she actually do her lashes on video, though? Why cut out that very important piece? I'm guessing it's because she's so insecure, she just can't stand the thought of looking unattractive for a few seconds while she does the open-mouthed maneuver that ALL women do when applying mascara to the lower lashes. Or maybe she cut out the piece of the video where she put on individual false lashes, and wants everyone to think she has naturally long, clumpy lashes. Hard to say.

The last 30 seconds or so are really embarrassing to watch. Lauren seemed especially pleased with herself after applying several layers of black lipstick, and proceeded to spend the last half-minute of the video doing what she's best at: playing with her hair and staring smugly at herself in her webcam.

All donesies! What an enthralling and educational makeup video, where Lauren started out with a full face of makeup, denied it and banned everyone who called her out, cut out nearly all of the important application parts, and didn't tell anyone what products she used. The thing is, making such a useless makeup video wouldn't be such a big deal if Lauren didn't INSIST on lying about something so trivial, something anyone can see for themselves, and deleting/banning those who dared to question such a pointless lie.


Another screen cap of an older video where she also claimed she wasn't wearing any makeup... and yet I spy foundation and eyeliner, again. Less eyeliner, but if you look at her upper eyelids, it's pretty obvious, and there are remnants of eyeliner on her lower lids, too. This last image is probably the closest we've seen to Lauren ACTUALLY not wearing makeup, and of course, she's covering her face.

If you're that insecure, don't claim to not be wearing makeup WHEN YOU CLEARLY FUCKING ARE. Your grainy webcam can't protect you and more importantly, not everyone is as dumb as you like to think they are, Lauren!

The following was posted on Tumblr, and I found it to be quite apt: